Chipotle Catering Review

Looking for a catering company that specializes in organic entrees?  We highly suggest Chipotle Catering.  Chipotle is well-known for buying and cooking fresh, never frozen ingredients to create delicious Mexican food.  Unlike many fast-food restaurants, Chipotle food doesn’t contain artificial ingredients nor do they have a deep fryer.  Chipotle Catering serves three types of meal options for your next party which includes catering spreads, Burritos in a Box, and chips and salsa. For Chipotle Catering Menu and Prices Click HERE

Our Chipotle Catering Review is below!

THE GOOD:  Chipotle Catering is a great option for any event. The best thing about Chipotle catering is their catering spreads. Chipotle catering spreads are set up in less than 10 minutes, essentially turning any event into a Chipotle restaurant! When you order Chipotle spread your guests will be able to create their own tacos, burritos, or bowls-customizing their food to their liking. With every Chipotle spread order, Chipotle will provide ingredients, plates, utensils, chaffing stands, steam, and fuel to keep the food warm. You don’t have to return catering stands after use but if you do you will receive a free burrito! If you don’t have enough space for a buffet style meal, no need to worry, you can order burritos in the box and simply pass the burritos out to your guests…like we said great for any event….maybe not see below!Catering_Spreads

THE BAD:  Like all things, there’s an upside and a downside. We were surprised to find that Chipotle does not offer any dessert or bulk beverage selection on their menu. Another downer is that they don’t deliver catering orders so you or someone from your party will have to go and pick up the food when it’s time to eat. If you are looking for full service catering then look somewhere else because Chipotle does not send their team to serve the food. Finally, there is no online ordering…Chipotle! It is 2015 and no online ordering unacceptable!

CONCLUSION:  Chipotle Catering is a great option for most events! Chipotle serves quality food and we are sure your guests will love that they can customize their food to their liking if you opt to go with chipotle spread. However, if you are looking for a one stop catering provider Chipotle is not it. Chipotle does not deliver so you will have to pick up the food and stop somewhere else to pick up drinks/dessert. You will also have to set up the buffet or serve the food yourself as Chipotle does not send any team members to serve the food.

Our Chipotle Catering Review RATING  4 STARS. 


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