Zaxby’s Catering Prices

For 20 years Zaxby’s has been serving great food! What started out as two friends getting together and opening a restaurant in Statesboro, Georgia has grown into a big franchise operating in more then 15 states. Zaxby’s Catering is perfect for casual meetings, events, and parties. Zaxby’s catering offers plenty of choices for your catering event, you can choose from Party Packages, Party Platterz and Party Boxes, Boxed Lunches and more. You can keep it simple by ordering Party Platters or Boxed Lunches or you can request Zaxbys catering specialist to give you a call and help you with your order.

Party PackagesZaxbys party packages

All Zaxbys party packages serve 10 people. Zaxby’s catering currently offers 6 different party packages;Chicken Fingerz Party Package, Buffalo Chicken Fingerz Party Package, House Zalad Party Package, Caesar Salad Party Package, Blue Zalad Party Package, and FlatBread Sandwich Party Package.

Chicken Fingerz Party Package$99.99
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz Party Package$103.99
House Zalad Party Package$124.99
Caesar ZaladParty Package$124.99
Blue Zalad Party Package$124.99

Party Platterz

Party PlatterzParty Patterz are perfect for any catering event because they are easy to set up and  clean up. The good news is that Zaxby’s catering menu consists of many different platters.  They serve chicken finger platters, wing platters, Zampler platters , Nibbler platters, salad platter, and dessert platters.

Chicken Fingerz Platter40 Fingerz...$36.99
60 Fingerz...$49.99
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz40 Fingerz...$40.99
60 Fingerz...$55.99
Traditional Wings Platter40 Wings...$42.99
60 Wings...$57.99
Boneless Wings Platter40 Wings...$34.99
60 Wings...$46.99
Traditional Zampler Platter40 Samplers...$39.99
60 Samplers...$54.99
Boneless Zampler Platter40 Samplers...$35.99
60 Samplers...$47.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Platter40 Samplers...$41.99
60 Samplers...$56.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Platter40 Samplers...$37.99
60 Samplers...$50.99
Chicken Fingers Boxed40 Fingerz...$31.99
60 Fingerz...$44.99
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz Boxed40 Fingerz...$35.99
60 Fingerz...$50.99
Traditional Wings Boxed40 Fingerz...$37.99
60 Fingerz...$52.99
Boneless Wings Boxed40 Wings...$29.99
60 Wings...$41.99
Traditional Zampler Boxed40 Samplers...$34.99
60 Samplers...$48.99
Boneless Zampler Boxed40 Samplers...$30.99
60 Samplers...$42.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Boxed40 Samplers...$36.99
60 Samplers...$51.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Boxed40 Samplers...$32.99
60 Samplers...$45.99
Nibblerz Platter20 Nibblers...$32.79
20 Nibblerz GO BAG`20 Nibblers...$27.79
Brownie PlatterOne Dozen...$6.99
Three Dozen...$11.79
Cookie PlatterOne Dozen...$4.99
Three Dozen...$13.79
Zalad PlatterHouse...$57.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich30 half-sandwi..$59.99
Flat Bread Sandwich Platter36 half-sandwi..$44.99
Salad Zampler Platter$44.99
Buffalo Tater Chips Platter$29.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip Platter$29.99
Tater Chips Platter$19.99
Vegetable Platter$31.99
Dessert Zampler Platter$22.99
Shortcake Platter$34.99
Texas Toast Platter$11.99

boxed lunches

Boxed Lunches

In addition to Party Platterz and Party Packages, Zaxby’s catering also offers Boxed Lunches that are perfect for catering events with limited space. Each boxed lunch contains one choice of sauce, two sides, and one dessert.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch$7.99
Fried Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch$7.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Boxed Lunch$7.99
Kickin Chicken Flatbread Boxed Lunch$7.99
Chicken Club Flatbread Boxed Lunch$7.99
Grilled Caesar Flatbread Boxed Lunch$7.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed Lunch
-4 Fingerz
House Zalad Boxed Lunch
-NO SIDES, one dessert
Caesar Zalad Boxed Lunch
-NO SIDES, one dessert
Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch
-NO SIDES, one dessert


Sides anfruit bowld Drinks

Zaxby’s Catering also offers sides and salads. They offer fruit bowl, pasta salad, potatoe salad, cole slaw, chips, gallon of tea, and extra sauce. Each of their sides serve 10-14 people.

Potato Salad$21.99
Cole Slaw$10.99
Fruit Bowl$31.99
Pasta Salad$21.99
Extra Sauce8oz...$1.50
Canned Drink$1.00
Bag of Chips$1.00
Gallon of Tea$4.99

How to Order Zaxby’s Catering?


Zaxby’s catering can be ordered online or by calling your local Zaxby’s restaurant. To place find a Zaxby’s location near you or to place an online order please click on the logo below!



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