Whole Foods Catering

Whole Foods catering offers  service that can be tailored to fit any type of event. If you are looking to impress your guests with organic healthy food then Whole Foods catering is right for you.  Prices and type of menu items offered vary from store to store so we recommend you click on whole foods logo at the bottom to find the menu and prices for your local store.


Mix and Match Party Starters

 A range of appetizers and starters are available to order individually from the Whole Foods catering menu giving you complete creative control for your event. Whole Foods catering prices range from $8 per dozen for potstickers or deviled eggs to $26 per dozen for mini crabcakes. Miniature pinwheels are also available at $45 for 10 servings for $75 for 20 servings. Local establishments will have a full list of party starters and Whole Foods prices.

Party Platters

 Platters are also available for your party. A deli slider platter costs $24 per dozen. Other platters include meat boards, cheese platters, cracker trays, bruschetta builders, and many more. Most platter options are available in 10-person and 25-person serving sizes.

Premium platters such as jumbo shrimp, oysters, or build-your-own brie are also available in certain locations.

Breakfast Packages

 The Whole Foods catering menu also includes breakfast and brunch options. 8 servings of coffee, creamer, sugar, cups, and stirrers are available for $16. A breakfast bar is offered that provides a choice of steel-cut oatmeal or granola with yogurt, each coming with a choice of two berries, two crunchy toppings, and a single sweet topping choice.

Bagel or muffin packages are available that can be ordered in serving sizes of 10 or 20. Pricing for the bagels vary by topping choices. A fruit and dip tray is available as well as a build-your-own breakfast burrito package.


Classic Whole Foods catering salads cost $30 for 10 servings or $45 for 20 servings. Speciality salads cost $45 for 10 servings or $75 for 20 servings.

 Boxed Lunches

 Boxed lunches are available that include a sandwich, salad (pasta, fruit, or quinoa), and cookie. Classic cafe sandwiches are available or can be substituted with a wrap or speciality sandwich for an additional fee. Build-your-own sandwich platters are also possible with Whole Foods catering that include all of the toppings, meats, cheeses, and breads for your guests to create their own sandwich.

Entrees, Sides, and Desserts

 A wide range of entrees, sides, and desserts can be chosen a la carte from the Whole Foods menu. Prices vary depending on the item chosen and most items can be ordered in servings of 10 or 20. Entrees start at $45 for 10 servings of grilled tofu to $65 for 10 servings of oven-baked lasagna and $90 for 10 servings of carne asada.

Over 10 side dishes are available from $6.99 to $7.99 per pound. Cookie trays, brownie platters, and cakes are available as dessert.

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