Whole Foods Catering Review

If you want your guests to taste and savor natural foodstuffs, we recommend Whole Foods Catering.  Whole Foods is greatly known for their natural and organic products.  They currently have 426 locations in North America and the United Kingdom.  Whole Foods Catering serves the following items on their menu:  breakfast foods, salads, soups, box lunches, party platters, hot entrees, appetizers,  desserts, and more!  These dishes are perfect for a weekend brunch, office party, or game night.

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THE GOOD:  There is a lot of good to be said about Whole Foods Catering.  One example is their ordering options.  You can place an order online or by phone.  (You can also place in person if you wish.)  Another upside is that Whole Foods Catering gives you the choice of pickup or delivery of your order.  For those who refuse to consume meat for various reasons, Whole Foods Catering offers vegetarian and vegan meals.  (This is something to keep in mind since you can’t assume that all your guests are meat-eaters.). All of their food is organic, natural and made with the best possible ingredients.

THE BAD:  When it comes to Catering Whole Foods is great except when it comes to one thing…PRICE. Whole Foods Catering is expensive  so if you are looking for cheap catering or are on a budget you might want to look somewhere else because Whole Foods Catering is one of the most expensive in the market.

CONCLUSION:  Whole Foods Catering overall is suggested for small and huge parties, especially if they’re organic food fans.  While they offer delivery and online ordering, they need clear information about table set-up costs so that you wouldn’t have to ask.  We also found out that all food is served cold unless requested to be heated, so that’s more work you have to do.  In a nutshell, if you want to serve wide verity of good quality food and money is not a concern then we see no reason why you should not go with Whole Foods Catering.


Our Whole Foods Catering Review RATING  4.5 STARS. 

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