Wedding Catering

The days of wedding catering being only a choice between plated and buffet style receptions are long gone. With more couples wanting to be daring, contemporary wedding catering styles are changing how food is served on your special day. Here are a few styles of wedding catering foods you should consider for your wedding:


Traditional 3-Course With An Eco Twist


Just because modern twists are popular does not mean the classic 3-course plated meal is no longer an option. With an appetizer, main course, and dessert the 3-course meal is offered by most wedding caterers but growing environmental trends has many couples choosing catering companies that serve local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients in their dishes.


Food Stations


Food stations are rapidly growing in popularity due to their ability to have something for everyone. With food stations there are typically 6 or more areas with small offerings for a wide range of cuisines. One station may offer miniature sliders, another station could have sushi, and another may have desserts. Making sure your wedding caterer is comfortable with all the different cuisines for food stations is very important. Not all wedding catering companies specialize in multiple cuisines which could leave some stations tasting great and others a let down.


Cocktail Bars


Food and drink pairings have always been important at traditional weddings, but many couples are now looking to liven up their reception with interactive elements. Cocktail bars that allow your guests to eat finger foods and mix their own drinks at a bar offering different wines, juices, and liqueurs are a great way to let your guests mingle. Having a wedding catering company that not only specializes in finger foods but also has a bartender on hand to offer suggestions and help guests is a great safety net.


From Buffet To Banquet Table


Buffets have always been a popular choice for couples looking for wedding catering on a budget. Without the need for a lot of wait staff, the costs of the catering can be reduced tremendously. Instead of sticking with traditional tables and buffet lines, consider using banquet tables instead. Having all of the food arranged family style on 2-4 long tables helps guests mingle and serve themselves which keeps spirits up and costs down. Banquet style receptions are perfect if you plan on having an Italian style wedding caterer.