Subway Catering Review

If you want to “Eat Fresh”, Subway Catering is the way to go.  Subway is known for their fresh, delicious cold cuts made with hand-baked bread and wholesome meats and vegetables.  They are actually the world’s largest sandwich chain with 44,138 restaurants in 110 countries.  (And that number continues to grow!)  Subway Catering serves menu items that are suited for all types of events, from small meetings to large parties.  Menu items include sandwich platters, subs, meal boxes, desserts, drinks, and sides. For Subway Catering Menu and Prices Click HERE .

Subway catering

THE GOOD:  Subway Catering has plenty of good points, one of them being that orders are accepted 24 hours in advance.  (You can even place an order quicker than that if you choose!)  You can order by phone or online, and they even have a customer service calling center that operates seven days a week to assist you with catering questions or issues.  (Not many catering companies have this.  How cool is that?)   Their food items also offer vegetarian/vegan options for those who prefer meatless dishes.


THE BAD:  Not a lot of downsides exist with Subway Catering except when it comes to delivery.  Technically, free delivery is offered, but only if the order is $75 or more.  Orders less than that have a $10 charge.  Also, delivery isn’t available at every Subway location.  Depending on where you live, you may have no choice, but to pick it up yourself.


CONCLUSION:  After doing some research, we couldn’t find anything that mentioned whether Subway Catering offers table set-up or not.  It’s a good thing that Subway Catering has a customer service hotline to inquire them about that so you wouldn’t be left in limbo.  Check your local Subway for delivery since not every restaurant has that option.  Nevertheless, Subway Catering is awesome for birthdays, tailgates, and other events. Have fun, and “Eat Fresh” with Subway Catering.


Our Subway Catering Review RATING  4 STARS. 

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