Subway Catering Prices

With thousands of locations across the globe and a wide selection of health sandwich options, Subway catering is a great choice for any occasion including business lunches , office meetings, sports gatherings, holiday events, and much more. Subway catering menu is separated into four categories.


 Sandwich PlattersSubway platter

 Sandwich platters contain 15 portions of subs. You can choose between three different flavor combinations for your sandwich platters including the Classic Combo Platter, the Flavor Craver Platter, or the Subway Fresh Fit Platter. Each combination contains 3 portions of 5 different flavors. Subway catering also gives the option to mix and match any 5 flavor combinations for the flavor platter. At 15 servings, this option serves between 5 and 9 people.

Sandwich Platter$34


Giant Subs

 Giant subs, as the name implies, are large Subway sandwiches. These are one of the most populaSubway Giant Subr subway catering menu options for parties and game days, and there are two different options to choose from. You can either have a 36 inch long sandwich that can feed 10 to 12 people or a 72 inch sub suggested to feed 20 to 25. Each sub is sliced i
nto 2 inch portions. Giant subs require at least a 24-hour reservation.

3 feet$42
6 feet$84
9 feet$126
12 feet$168
15 feet$210
18 feet$252
21 feet$294
24 feet$336
27 feet$378

 Specialty TraysMeat and Cheese

 For those interested in Subway catering but do not want traditional sub sandwiches, Subway offers a variety of trays and platters as well. You can choose from a meat and cheese platter that serves 10 to 12, a toppings tray that serves 10 to 12, or a meatball platter (with choice of marinara or BBQ flavor) that serves 30 to 35.

Meat & Cheese Platter
Serves (10-12)
Toppings Platter
(Serves 10-12)
Meatball Tray
Serves (30-35)

Drinks and Desserts

Description Price
Cookies (12pcs)$5.50
Apple Slices$1.50
Bottled Drinks$1.80

How to Order Subway Catering?


Subway catering can be ordered online!!!To Place an Order Please click on the logo below: