Panera Catering Review

In the mood for meals with fresh bread and natural ingredients?  Look no further than Panera Catering, where all their food is prepared with no fillers or other artificial additives.  Panera currently has over 1,900 locations throughout the United States and Canada.  Their menu includes breakfast items, sandwiches, box lunches, pasta, pastries, salads, soups, etc.  You can serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any event you host.


THE GOOD:  We noticed that Panera Catering has a variety of foods to choose from to satisfy any meat-eater, vegetarian, or sweet-tooth.  They even come in selections of assortments or boxed meals to give your guests a choice of a taste of everything or their own personal lunch.  Also, you are given many order placing options: phone, fax, and online.  Each order you place comes with plates, napkins, and utensils.  (Talk about convenient.)  All Panera Catering orders are accepted 24 hours in advance.

THE BAD:  In spite of the various food types and order placing options they offer, when it comes to delivery, it may not the ideal service to use.  Depending on your Panera location, there may be a charge.  It is best to contact your local Panera to find out if charges apply instead of assuming it would be free.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be any information about heating tools for hot dishes like soup, so that’s something that you will have to inquire about, too.

CONCLUSION:  Panera Catering provides entrees that are suited for any event, whether it’s hosted in the morning or at night.  It’s awesome that Panera Catering includes plates and other eatery ware, and delivers catering orders, but they need to be clear on if they offer heating tools for hot foods.  (You will have to ask your local Panera restaurant to find out.)  Other than that, do your guests a favor by serving them sandwiches and warm, handmade bread bread with every meal.  Contact Panera Catering right away!

Our Panera Catering Review RATING  4.5 STARS. 

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