On The Border Catering Menu and Prices

On The Border started all the way back in 1982. Famous for its great margaritas and fresh border –style food the restaurant become a popular destination for hungry guests very quickly. You can now get fresh-pressed tortillas, chips as big as your head, margaritas worth their salt, table-side guacamole and fresh Border-style food thanks to on the border catering. As you will soon find out, On the Border catering menu is massive, lets take a look!

Below are the latest On the Border catering prices:


Border Breakfast

On the Border Breakfast options are available between 8 am in the morning to 2pm. Border Breakfast platter consists of bacon, Migas, chorizo Migas and Pancake Platter that can serve 12 guests. You can also order pre-rolled breakfast tacos ready to serve with fresh flour tortillas. You can also order coffee and orange juice, please see beverages menu for prices.

Start your day right with our Border Breakfast options.
Available for service between 8am-2pm. Minimum of 48 hrs notice required in most areas.
Border Breakfast Platter$58.99-$68.99
Breakfast Tacos by the Dozen$16.29-$23.29
Great Breakfast Add-Ons$13.99-$39.99
Make your Potatoes loaded for Border Breakfast
add to your Border Breakfast
Pancake Platter
Serves 10-12
Border Breakfast Platter$58.99-$68.99

Appetizer Buffets

On the Border appetizers are great for cocktail parties and casual gathering. On The Border, Catering enables you to create your appetizer with an option of three to five choice items.

Perfect for cocktail parties and casual gatherings.
Create Your Own Appetizer - Choice of 3 Items$8.09/person
Create Your Own Appetizer - Choice of 4 Items$9.09/person
Create Your Own Appetizer - Choice of 5 Items$10.09/person

Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos
per dozen
Mini-Chicken Flautas
per dozen
per dozen
Mini Brisket Burritos
per dozen
Mini Chimichangas
per dozen
$22.99 - $24.99
Mini Quesadillas
per dozen
$20.99 - $28.99

Traditional Combinations

Mexican combinations are the king of variety, each meal includes Mexican rice and refried beans and famous Chips & Salsa. Tasty meals such as A Flair of Mexico, Fiesta favorites, taste of the border and many more. Value Meals Tacos & Enchiladas are always a crowd pleaser, and it consists of Tex-Mex Combo Buffet, Taco Bar Combo Buffet, and the traditional Fiesta. They are prepared to the delights of the guests.

When variety is key! Each meal includes Mexican rice and refried beans and our famous Chips & Salsa.
A Flair of Mexico$10.99
Fiesta Favorites$11.29
Taste of the Border$13.49
Create Your Own Combination$8.99 - $10.49
These buffets have everything you need! From appetizers to dessert & drinks - you are covered! Perfect for Holiday gathering and office parties!
Grande Fajita Fiesta$12.59
Grande Traditional Fiesta$10.19
Tour of Mexico$13.39
Tacos & Enchiladas are always a crowd pleaser!
Each meal includes Mexican rice, choice of refried beans and our famous Chips & Salsa.
Fiesta Especial$8.99
Taco Bar Combo Buffet$8.49
Tex-Mex Combo Buffet$8.49
Traditional Fiesta$8.79

Enchiladas$28.99 - $31.99
Enchiladas - Cheese$28.99
Enchiladas - Vegetarian$23.99 - $28.99
Enchiladas - Tacos$28.99
Specialty Tacos$31.99 - $49.99

King Ranch Casserole Meal
Serves 10-12
Cheesy Beef Enchiladas Casserole Meal
Serves 10-12
Green Chile Carnitas Enchilada Casserole Meal
Serves 10-12

By far our most popular buffet! Choose from our Classic dinner portion or for a lighter choice we offer a lunch size. As with all of our buffets we recommend you choose the same one for your entire group.
Classic Lunch Fajitas$10.99 - $11.79
Classic Dinner Fajitas$13.89 - $14.89
Specialty Fajitas$10.49 - $15.79

Boxed lunches

For those in need of quick convenient meals for their guests cant go wrong with on the boarder lunch box order. They offer both hot and cold lunch boxes , see below!

Need a quick grab & go? Try our individual Box Lunch options. Choose from the variety below...
Fajita Wrap Box Lunches - Served Chilled$7.49 - $9.89
Half Wrap & Salad Combos - Served Chilled$6.79 - $8.69
Burrito Boxes - Served Hot$7.99 - $8.99
Torta Box Lunches - Served Hot$9.99


On the border desserts menu has a wider array of options such as assorted dessert platter, chewy chocolate and walnut brownies, sarsaparillas, brownie bite platter and many more.

Assorted Bars & Brownies Platter
per platter
Assorted Dessert Platter
per platter
Chewy Chocolate and Walnut Brownies
per dozen
Sopapillas - Dozen
per dozen
Mini-Sopapilla Platte
per platter
Brownie Bite Platter
per platter

Salads and Beverages

On The Border Catering, beverages range from bottled water, Fresh Brewed Iced tea, lemonade, strawberry lemonade and sweet brewed iced tea they are all served per person.
Every meal can be enhanced to suit the particular dietary and tasty need of the guest. With side servings such as cilantro which is served per quart, firecracker stuffed jalapenos, Mini Chicken Flautas, empanadas and many more are served per dozen. Others are Dips and chips add-ons, Grande salads,  and great sides

Mango Chicken Salad
Serves 8-10
Confetti Rice Salad
Serves 15-20
House Salad
Serves 8-10
Fajita Salads$36.99 - $39.99
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
per pound
Grilled Shrimp
per dozen
Rice$5.99 - $7.99
Jalapeno BBQ sauce
per quart
Bottled Water$2.49
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea per person$1.59
Lemonade per person$1.69
Strawberry Lemonade per person$1.89
Sweet Brewed Iced Tea per person$1.59
per quart
Original Queso
per quart
Pico de Gallo
per quart
per quart
5-Layer Dip
per platter
Fresh Tortillas Chips$1.99 - $6.99
OTB Layered Dip & Chips$44.99

Party Platter

On the Border Party Platters consist of three menu items;Party Platter appetizer that features the combo supremo and the Mexican sampler that serves eight. Party platter entrees pack the Fajita dinner platter, Fajita wrap platters, and the Fajita dinner platter additions. Lastly, the Enchilasagnas that can serve up to twelve has the King Ranch Casserole meal, green Chile Carnitas Casserole meal and many more.

Fajita Dinner Platter$51.99 - $59.99
Fajita Wrap Platters$39.99 - $60.99
Fajita Dinner Platter Additions$4.99

Combo Supremo
Serves 6 - 8
Mexican Sampler
Serves 6 - 8


How to order On the Border Catering?

On the Border catering can be ordered by calling your local On the Border restaurant or placing an order on their official website. To find a On the Border restaurant near you or to place a catering order online click below on the logo!


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