Name Brand vs Local catering companies

If you are in the process of looking for catering you will notice that there are two different options you can go with. You can go with the national name brand companies such as Chick fil a, Chipotle, Subway that everyone knows and recognizes or you can go with one of the smaller local catering companies that specialize in catering. So which ones should you go with ?

Name Brand companies are usually a safe option when it comes to catering because you know what you are going to get. You know the quality of food they provide and you know the type of food they provide so there is no surprises.  The downside to going with the national brand is that your guests will also be familiar with that food so there will be no surprise or excitement when they get their food. Nobody is going to say oh wow Subway that is awesome i have never tasted that before. So if you are looking to do something out of the ordinary then maybe a local company is the way to go. Local companies usually offer different type of food that your guests or clients will not recognize and will be interested to try.

Another thing to consider when ordering catering is what kind of catering event it is. If you are looking to cater for a small family event or a business meeting then it is a good idea to keep it simple and order subs or burritos from one of the national companies. You are not going to serve a 5 course meal at a business meeting or at very least you shouldn’t. In contrast if you are looking to cater for a wedding it is not a good idea to order subs from subway, you probably want to get one of the local catering companies that offer a 3-5 course meals and specialize in serving food for those events.