Food Truck Catering

The quick rise in popularity of food trucks began around 2009 and has shown no sign of slowing down. While grabbing a taco from your favorite food truck at lunch is great, the delicious flavors and fun dining experience does not have to stop there. Many food trucks also offer catering options for weddings, birthdays, corporate team building events, and virtually any other party you could think of. Here are a few reasons food trucks make the perfect choice for your event:


They go where traditional caterers can’t.


One of the best things about food trucks is that they can go practically anywhere. If you have a home that is too small for a traditional catering, food truck catering might be an option for you. Food trucks can set up in virtually any location, regardless of how remote it is. If you can drive there, so can the food truck.


They serve specialties that many caterers don’t.


There are food trucks for practically any type of cuisine imaginable. Whether you are throwing a birthday party for your kid whose favorite food is a grilled cheese or you are hosting an evening party for vegetarian friends who love tacos, there is a good chance you can find food trucks that offer exactly what you want.


They make eating quick, easy, and fun.


With food truck catering, your guests still get the fun experience of ordering from food trucks without actually having to pay. Instead of sitting around waiting for a plated meal to be served or eating pre-cooked and reheated buffet offerings, food trucks create food on the spot. That means your guests get fresh ingredients, cooked to order, in a fun way.


A few things to note.


When choosing your food truck, unless there is a specific theme involved (such as taco night), focus your search on food trucks that offer a selection of items that fit a range of guests. If you have a lot of vegetarian friends, choosing a truck that serves bacon with everything may not be a great idea.


Make sure to take care of payments up front and give your food truck catering company an exact head count. You do not want to leave guests paying to eat at your party and you need to make sure the head count is correct so the food truck brings enough ingredients for everyone.