Different Types of Business Catering

In the work place there are many different reasons that you may need to create a business catering menu. Regardless of why you are hosting an event, whether it is a business pitch to clients, a presentation to your boss, or even a creative meeting with employees you need to understand what approach to take. Here are a few catering tips you can use in your office.

If you are catering to your bosses.

 As an employee there are a lot of reasons you may need to cater to those who are higher up the food chain than you. The most important thing to remember here is that a lot of managers and executives simply do not have a lot of time to spend on lunch. Whatever type of catering menu you choose, make sure it is easy to eat and does not take a lot of unnecessary time.

If you are catering for employees.

 Sometimes creative briefs and staff meetings have to take place during lunch break – that is just the way it goes. If that is the case, as a boss, remember that lunch for your employees is usually the only time they have to socialize freely during the day. Having a DIY food bar can be a great way to keep your staff in the room but give them a little break at the same time – and catering prices for DIY food can save you some money.

If you are catering for clients.

 Catering prices might not be something you consider too much here. Spending a few extra dollars to ensure your clients or prospects have fond, lasting memories of the lunch or dinner could go a long way toward securing or maintaining business. Make sure you tailor your catering menu to anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions as well.