Baja Fresh Catering Prices

Baja Fresh , as the name implies, serves fresh food that is handmade, farm fresh, and full of flavor and nutrition. Baja Fresh Catering is Fresh, Fast, and Flexible; the food comes in a reusable bag with everything from freshly prepared salsa to utensils, napkins, and plates. Baja Fresh catering can be ordered for events as small as 5 guests or as big as 500 guests. Prices can vary from location to location but the prices should be similar to what we have below Baja Fresh Catering Menu varies from location to location but most locations offer the following: Sampler Platters, Salads, Classic Party Packs, Mix and Match, and Fajita Fiesta.

Sampler Platter

Baja Fresh Sample platter includes 2 cheese sampler platterQuesadillas, 10 Taquitos, 5 Tacos, 3 mini Ultimo Burritos, Chips, Hand Made Guacamole, and 2 fresh salsas. Baja Fresh Sample Platter serves 5 guests as a meal or 10 guests as an appetizer. You have a choice of Fire-Grilled all white meat chicken or tenderstak for your burritos and tacos.

Sample Platter$39.99



Baja Fresh Catering offers 3 different salads; Ceaser Salad, Baja Ensalada, and Mini Toastadas. Each Salad serves 5 and comes with Chips and Salsa.

Description Price
Caesar Salad
-w chicken
Baja Ensalada$26.99
Mini TostadasChicken....$22.99


Baja Fresh Catering

Classic Party Packs

Baja Fresh Catering offers 4 different Classic Party Packs; 5 Cheese Quesadillas,10 Tacos (chicken, cornitos, or steak) , 5 Baja Burritos (10 halves), or 20 Chicken Taquitos.  Each meal serves 5 and comes with chips, salsa, and your choice of Baja Ensalada or Baja rice and Beans.

5 Cheese Quesadillas$32.99
10 Tacos$22.95
5 Baja Burritos$37.95
20 Chicken Taquitos$29.95

baja fresh mix and matchMix and Match

Baja Fresh lets you pick any two party sized entrees from the following: 2 Cheese Quesadillas, 5 Tacos, 3 Baja Burritos, or 15 Chicken Taquitos. Every Mix and Match order comes with chips, salsa, and your choice of Baja Ensalada or Baja Rice and Beans. Mix and Match meal serves 5 guests, price depends on which combination of entrees you choose.

Depends on which entrees you pick it can be anywhere from......$29.99-$39.99

fajita fiesta

Fajita Fiesta

Fajita Fiesta meal comes with all the ingredients that your guests will need to make their own Fajita. Baja Fresh Catering will provide the following ingredients:  Chiles, Grilled Peppers, rice, black or pinto beans, handmade guacamole, cheese, cilantro and onions, sour cream, and tortillas.  Each order of Fajita Fiesta serves 10 and comes with Baja Ensalada, chips, and salsa.

Fajita Fiesta$65.99

How to Order Baja Fresh Catering?

Baja Fresh Catering can be ordered by calling your local Baja Fresh restaurant. To find Baja Fresh location near you click on the logo below!

Baja fresh logo