Wedding Catering

The days of wedding catering being only a choice between plated and buffet style receptions are long gone. With more couples wanting to be daring, contemporary wedding catering styles are changing how food is served on your special day. Here are a few styles of wedding catering foods you should consider for your wedding:   […]

Food Truck Catering

The quick rise in popularity of food trucks began around 2009 and has shown no sign of slowing down. While grabbing a taco from your favorite food truck at lunch is great, the delicious flavors and fun dining experience does not have to stop there. Many food trucks also offer catering options for weddings, birthdays, […]

Different Types of Business Catering

In the work place there are many different reasons that you may need to create a business catering menu. Regardless of why you are hosting an event, whether it is a business pitch to clients, a presentation to your boss, or even a creative meeting with employees you need to understand what approach to take. […]