Apple Spice Junction Catering Prices

Apple Spice Junction is a Mid-Western Franchise which began as a box lunch delivery and catering company. As the company grew they begun selling food out of their stores and current Apple Spice Junction was born. Apple Spice Junction specializes in worry-free affordable catering and business-to-business boxed lunches. A quick look at the yelp reviews for Apple Spice Junction will tell you that they serve quality fresh food that people love. They make their bread by hand everyday and have their produce brought in locally.  There is a large variety to choose from with 17 gourmet sandwiches, 15 fresh salads and a collection of hearty homemade soups.  Apple Spice Junction’s catering department is flexible and diverse when it comes to what they can prepare for your event.They will make your life easier because they will take all the work out of having a home-cooked, delicious , healthy, hot or cold meals for your office or special event.

Below are the latest Apple Spice Junction catering prices:

Continental Breakfast
Includes variety of pastries, fruits, coffee and assorted juices.
Pastries: muffins, turnovers, danish, bagels and cream cheese
Beverages: coffee & assorted juices. Seasonal fresh sliced fruit
Substitute milk for coffee—add 40¢
Executive Continental
Bagels, danish pastries, croissants, seasonal fresh sliced fruit, yogurt,
muffins, assorted juices and coffee.
Sunrise Starter
Bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit, assorted juices and coffee.
All American Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes and your choice of savory
bacon, ham or sausage, along with assorted bagels and croissants,
fresh cut fruit, a selection of fruit juices and our special blend coffee.
Cinnamon Swirl
French Toast Buffet

Delicious cinnamon swirl french toast with maple syrup, a side
portion of scrambled eggs, savory bacon, ham or sausage, fresh cut
fruit, a selection of fruit juices and our special blend coffee makes
for a sweet and hot start to the day!
Ham & Egg Casserole
Danish, pastries and your choice of biscuits, bagels or croissants
served with ASJ’s Ham & Egg Casserole with fresh fruit, juice and
Build Your Own Breakfast Burritos
Scrambled eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, peppers, shredded
cheese, salsa, sour cream, seasonal fruit and fresh flour tortillas.
Coffee and assorted juices are also included.

Sandwich Buffet Platter$8
Choice of “build-your-own” deli platter or pre-made sandwiches
Meat tray: ham, turkey breast, pastrami, roast beef
Cheese: baby swiss, provolone, cheddar
Sides (choice of 2): pasta salad, tossed green salad, potato salad,
frog eye salad, chips
Breads: honey wheat, sourdough, 13-grain
Condiments: tomatoes, pickles, olives, mustard, mayo
Substitute soup for salads—add $1.29

Executive Lunches
All Executive Lunches are served with a choice of mashed potatoes, baked
potatoes, rice pilaf or herbed bowtie pasta. Also served with
vegetable, tossed green salad and a variety of our homemade bread.
Roasted Chicken;
A tender roasted 1/4 chicken glazed with your choice of Rosemary,
Lemon Pepper or BBQ.
Tender Pot Roast
Thick slices of slow cooked, juicy pot roast. Just like Mom used to make!
Grilled Chicken
A boneless, skinless 1/4 lb. breast marinated in your choice of BBQ,
teriyaki or Italian seasonings and grilled to perfection.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
A boneless, skinless chicken breast wrapped around a thick slice of
Virginia baked ham and swiss cheese. Lightly breaded and baked.
Baked Salmon
A filet glazed with melted butter, lemon, a hint of dill and mild spices
Prime Rib
Slow-roasted, hand-carved prime rib of beef.
Savory Pork Roast
Succulent Slow-roasted, pork sliced into hearty portions served next
to our tangy homemade topping.
Tuscan Chicken
A boneless, skinless chicken breast topped with sundried tomatoes
and mushrooms in a creamy, tangy sauce.
Chicken Piccata
Tender, skinless chicken breast medallions lightly floured and served
in a light lemony sauce.
Virginia Baked Ham
Succulent Virginia cured ham served next to creamy au gratin
potatoes, parsleyed baby carrots, garden crisp salad with homemade
dressings and fresh baked bread.
NC Style BBQ
Our succulent North Carolina style pork BBQ or chopped
BBQ chicken served with fresh
baked sourdough rolls, fresh
fruit, a bag of chips and your
choice of potato salad or pasta
Chicken & Ribs
Marinated boneless
skinless 1/4 lb. chicken
breasts grilled next to St.
Louis Style pork ribs coated
in a tangy barbecue sauce.
Served with homemade
potato & pasta salad, fresh
sliced fruit, sourdough
rolls and baked beans.

Beyond The Borders
Layers of cheese, fresh ground beef, sausage, Italian herbs, and our
tangy marinara sauce. Served with fresh baked sourdough bread,
whipped garlic butter, Parmesan cheese, choice of vegetable and a crisp
garden salad. Veggie Lasagna—$9.99
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Tender sliced chicken, our special sour cream blend, lots of cheddar
& jack cheeses and just the right touch of green chile all wrapped up
in a homestyle flour tortilla. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans,
a medley of tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. Add tossed salad for 99¢
Baked Ziti
Pasta layered with a meat and three cheese tomato sauce. Served with
green beans, Parmesan cheese, crisp tossed salad and fresh baked
garlic bread with butter. Add Italian sausage $1.50
Sesame Chicken
Tender strips of chicken served with broccoli, mushrooms, carrots,
baby corn, peppers & onions in our homemade Asian sauce. Served
with white rice and egg rolls. Substitute beef for chicken add 59¢
Grilled Teriyaki Kabobs
Tender chunks of chicken next to grilled vegetables.
Served with rice pilaf, garden salad and fresh-baked bread.
Substitute beef for chicken add 59¢

Cost Conscious
Includes Drinks and Dessert. Minimum of 20 guests.
Light Combo
Dollar or croissant sandwiches with a crisp veggie tray with our famous
ranch dip. Served with pasta salad, cookies and brownies and tea.
Chicken Pot Pie
Tender Chicken and vegetables in a creamy gravy and flaky crust.
Served with fresh tossed green salad, a variety of our fresh baked
bread, assorted cookies and tea.
Chicken Pasta Alfredo
Penne pasta with grilled chicken and alfredo sauce. Also served with
crisp Caesar salad, sourdough bread, garlic butter along with assorted
cookies and tea.
Pasta and Meatballs
Pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs served with a Caesar salad,
sourdough bread, garlic butter, assorted cookies and tea.

Dessert Tray
A variety of smaller portions of brownies, cookies, bars, and rice
krispie treats.
Executive Dessert Tray
Add fresh fruit selection and tasty cheesecake bites to our dessert tray
Cookie Tray
A variety of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar
Cookie and Brownie Tray
arrangement of cookies and
Cheesecake, Cheesecake, German Chocolate Cake$3
Chocolate-dipped Strawberries (2–3 pieces; seasonal);$2

Punch Bowl (blend of real fruit juice);$.99
Bottled Water;$1.30
Bottled Juices;$1.50
Soda Pop (can);$1.30
Hot Chocolate;$.99
Iced Tea per gallon;$6
Lemonade per gallon;$7

More about Apple Spice Junction Catering

Apple Spice Junction is available in 11 states across United States. (Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Utah).  If you are lucky enough to live in one of those states you can order Apple Spice Junction Catering and have it delivered to your event. All catering orders are subject to minimum quantities, sales tax, and service charge. Cancellations require 24 hour notice, if you cancel giving less then 24 hour notice you will incur 50% charge.

How to order Apple Spice Junction Catering?

Apple Spice Junction Catering can be ordered by calling your local Apple Spice Junction location or placing an order online. To find an Apple Spice Junction location near you or to place an order online click on the logo below!


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